ProjectFunction creates pathways for marginalised groups in tech

Helping minorities get into tech and this organisation is doing just that.

Uranus will be visible tomorrow so be prepared

It's not every day the world gets to see Uranus and 20th January has opened up a great chance for everyone to catch a glimpse.

The Gömböc is a self-righting shape

It's like balancing an egg on its bottom except the Gömböc is much more unique as this video explains.

Natalie Portman in Datawrapper form

The only lines that Natalie Portman would want on her face, I'm sure.

SEO Dogs explains search engine optimisation with dogs

SEO Dogs is pawesome! Ahem. I'll see myself out.

The internet cafe refugees of Japan

Shiho Fukada's three-part documentary is based on his portrait series, Japan's Disposable Workers. This video looks at workers known as Net Cafe Refugees.

Tatiana Mac on Hacking Digital Style Guides for Accessibility

Join design engineer Tatiana Mac on a journey into the world of accessibility and how to use it in your next digital project.

Ryan O’Neill & his K’Nex rollercoasters

With names such as Celsius, Avalanche, and Invertigo, Ryan O'Neill's K'Nex rollercoasters are majestic beauties.

Martin Lersch’s mathematically perfect Christmas cookie cutter

Get the most out of your Christmas cookies with a tessellating cookie cutter thanks to a Norwegian chemist-cum-cooking enthusiast.

20 Web research studies/surveys from 2020

The likes of Google, Mailchimp, and Stack Overflow have generated reports about the state of the Web in 2020.

How to hold up a table with strings

Thanks to tensegrity, you can rest a dumbbell on a table help up by strings. No, I've not been drinking any eggnog or wine, why?

7 Blerds from history

STEM (science, tech, engineering, and mathematics) owes a great deal to Black pioneers. Here are 7 of them.