7 Things I Learnt From Learning Python

Want to learn how to code in Python? Here are 7 things I learnt from learning it for anyone looking to start.

Georgina Baker—a Black female engineer—makes history at the University of Leeds

Georgina Baker is first Black woman to graduate from the university's Chemical and Nuclear Engineering course.

Skilltype: A Black-owned talent marketplace for information professionals

Skilltype is a software company and marketplace for informational professionals to reimagines the way they learn and work.

Mary W. Jackson – NASA’s first Black female engineer

NASA will rename its DC headquarters in honour of Mary W. Jackson.

The data visualisations of W.E.B. Du Bois

In 1900, W.E.B. Du Bois visualised the Black American experience at the Paris Exposition. 'The Exhibit of American Negroes' was his groundbreaking work.

Study Python & Chill with Tae’lur Alexis on Twitch

Tae’lur Alexis has been studying Python on Twitch for the last few months and you can watch her live 6 times a week.

“This Word Does Not Exist” makes up words with AI

This Word Does Not Exist invents English words thanks to a text-generation AI model.

How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser

Still can't get hold of a bottle of Purell? Here's how to make your own hand sanitiser at home (and what NOT to use).

Logarithms explained in the style of Bob Ross

Learn more about logarithms with Toby Hendy and her series, The Joy of Mathematics.

Stephon Alexander: the greatest jazz physicist of our time

Where would we be without jazz music and the cosmos? Stephon Alexander could probably answer that for you.

15 sleep myths, debunked by sleep experts

Do you really only need 5 hours of sleep? Is "resting your eyes" as good as actual sleep? Two sleep experts debunk 15 common sleep myths.

The difference between cryonics and cryogenics

It's a phenomenon associated with prolonging life. But cryonics and cryogenics are two different things.