The Schlörwagen

The Schlörwagen in a wind tunnel with green lit air flowing over it to test its aerodynamism
“Model in the DLR wind tunnel” by Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt, shared via CC BY 3.0 licence. Image reduced in size for web performance purposes.

The Schlörwagen is a German capsule-shaped prototype car developed by Karl Schlör. Nicknamed the “Göttingen Egg” or “Pillbug”, it was presented at the 1939 Berlin Auto Show, never went into production, and the only prototype made was apparently heavily damaged during the World War 2.

In terms of specs, the Schlörwagen had an aerodynamic, ultra-low drag coefficient body, a Mercedes-Benz 170H chassis and a rear engine, also made by Mercedes. Interestingly, the prototype was fitted with a Soviet radial aircraft engine in 1942 and driven round a test track.

However, a Hanover-based company called Mobile Welten e.V. has been working on two Schlörwagen replicas [page in German] since 2021. I have no idea where they’re at with them though.

(h/t MLTSHP)

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