The power of hyperlinks and how they changed everything

Facebook's UX master Margaret Gould Stewart spoke about hyperlinks and their symbolic status on the Web. As you can...

Robots like Pluribus are now beating people at poker

Facebook plays its part in creating an AI bot capable of beating millionaire poker players at their own game.

My new favourite blog post is about hypertext from 1998

Hypertext still makes the world wide web go round but things were really spinning back in the 90s.

Could we get a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB of RAM?

Was the mention of 8GB on the Raspberry Pi 4 manual a typo or a sign of things to come?

1MB – the service offering free web hosting

As long as your site is 1MB or less in size. (This is not a sponsored post.)

Federica Fragapane’s Periodic Table of Elements in Danger

If elements were animals, some would be on the vulnerable list. This periodic table shows the ones at risk.

What is Sailfish OS? Huawei might use it to replace Android

The operating system is open-source and could see its biggest consumer application on Huawei devices. Linux is in so...

It’s A Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Computer!

It's like a PiDA but way cooler. Remember Palm Pilots? Those personal digital assistants that you could put all...

Fugaku: Japan’s new next-gen supercomputer

The government aim to start using Fugaku in 2021. Back in 2009, I started working at Fujitsu in Stevenage,...

South Korea to migrate government systems to Linux

It looks like the republic is one of many nations to switch to the open source OS. Yay, a...

The hgTerm – A Palm-Sized Raspberry Pi Mini Laptop

Finally, someone has made one that looks attractive. A ton of small single board computers have joined the market...

Vaccines And Why They’re So Important

That's not the title of the video and here's why. Spoiler alert: I am 100% for vaccinations.