A Black Internet Timeline

Who were the Black technologists making the Internet a place for other Black people to communicate? This timeline might shed some light.

AI is White AF in pop culture says researchers

From sci-fi to stock images, Stephen Cave and Kanta Dihal argue that AI is too white in popular culture and there will be consequences.

Apparently, Lycos is still around

A bastion of late 90s/early 00s web searches, Lycos should have died. But it's still around somehow.

macOS Big Sur public beta is out now

Apple says goodbye to OS 10 with Big Sur as it releases its public beta. But is it worth getting right away?

How to run Linux on a thermostat

Hot, cold, or just bored, this Honeywell thermostat can run Linux and show blockbuster movies. Kind of.

The Pixel 4 is dead—Long live the Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 has been discontinued. So what of the Pixel 5 and the future of Google's flagship line of smartphones?

Ronald Mallett: a true Afrofuturist

Known for his belief in the possibility of time travel, Ronald Mallett has fought adversity and stayed true to his ideology.

7 Things I Learnt From Learning Python

Want to learn how to code in Python? Here are 7 things I learnt from learning it for anyone looking to start.

Georgina Baker—a Black female engineer—makes history at the University of Leeds

Georgina Baker is first Black woman to graduate from the university's Chemical and Nuclear Engineering course.

Skilltype: A Black-owned talent marketplace for information professionals

Skilltype is a software company and marketplace for informational professionals to reimagines the way they learn and work.

Mary W. Jackson – NASA’s first Black female engineer

NASA will rename its DC headquarters in honour of Mary W. Jackson.

The data visualisations of W.E.B. Du Bois

In 1900, W.E.B. Du Bois visualised the Black American experience at the Paris Exposition. 'The Exhibit of American Negroes' was his groundbreaking work.