About Us

You’ve seen About Us pages a hundred times before. You might expect lines of jargon and unfulfilling prose. You won’t get that here.

LOGiCFACE is a STEM blog, focussing on people of colour in the community. Why? Because we’re people of colour ourselves. We started in January 2017 – me (Luke Alex Davis) and co-founder, Ashton James Brown. We’ve been involved with STEM for a number of years and LOGiCFACE is the fruit of our labours. But rather than lie down and accept our misrepresentation, we aim to shine a light on other POC’s in the community. We also look at the lighter side of STEM, past and present, with a few memes throw in for good measure.

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics continues to grow at an unfathomable rate. But it’s important to take a minute to see how that this all affects our lives now and learn the lessons from the past to ensure it creates a better future for the next generation. It’s also important to have inclusivity past a few black or Asian people in a boardroom. Tech is not one-sided. It’s time we faced that.

If you’d like to see something covered on LOGiCFACE or just want to reach out, email us at info@logicface.co.uk.

So our message is simple: we face the future in colour.