Electric skateboard company Boosted announce layoffs and now looking for a...

The skateboard makers announced 'significant' layoffs as they aim to stay afloat.

How to save Mum’s WhatsApp photos using Python and Twilio

With Python, Twilio, Flash, and Dropbox, you can create a chatbot to save your mum/mom's phone storage and back her photos in a safe place.

Recreate a nuclear fission chain reaction with this cool script

With a few hundred lines of code, Chris Williams of The Register gives an illustrated view of nuclear fission.

Meet the Odyssey X86J4105: A single-board computer with Windows 10 and...

The Odyssey X86J4105 also comes with Arduino compatibility and 8GB of RAM.

Play Your Cards Byte With The 8Bit Deck

Michael B. Myers Jr.'s 8Bit Deck is fun for all the family.

The Y2K Problem, Described by LGR

The "Millennium Bug" had plenty of names. But was the Y2K problem more about making money than fixing computers?

The Apple Archive Is An Advert Treasure Trove

If you love marketing, you'll love The Apple Archive, home to decades of Apple's ads and branding.

This Raspberry Pi Electric Skateboard Is So Cool

Wanna travel in style at speeds of up to 18mph? Here's what you need to make your own Raspberry Pi electric skateboard.

Learn how to code in Python with this ASMR video

Programming is great but have you learnt how to code in Python while listening to ASMR?

Speedify Labs Built A Raspberry Pi Live Streaming Backpack

Good news: the backpack can be built for under $600. Bad news: 24fps. If you've never heard of one...

rhyal.com is website hosted on a Macintosh SE/30

In an era of solid-state drives and cloud computing, rhyal.com is a relic of the past. But the website tells an important...

T2 the Tea Bot makes the perfect brew in the perfect...

No two cups of tea are ever the same but T2 the Tea Bot brews your cuppa for the optimum length and...