The results of the first State of HTML survey are in...

Frontend Masters is a sponsor of the State of JS, CSS, and HTML surveys and they wrote about what they learnt from the HTML results. Some of the points they picked out included use of <datalist>, <form>, and the burgeoning future of web components:

When it comes to web components, the developer community is roughly split into three camps. The first one thinks they’re the next big thing, and that they’re going to take over the industry any day now, just you see!

The second camp believes they are a doomed initiative, especially when front end frameworks already offer all the same features and more. 

And finally, the third camp has been quietly using web components here and there when they make sense, and mostly keeping to themselves. 

I don’t use web components in this kind of form but I use Astro which makes use of components, pre-build. The idea is the same—putting all the inner-working code into one neat little package—and I’m all for them. I just don’t think we should jump to the conclusion that it’s the answer to HTML’s prayers, nor is it a fad. Use them if they work for you, don’t if they don’t. Just make sure you use compliant HTML in all instances because that’s the most important thing.

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