TextFX, Google’s latest AI project using PaLM 2, looks interesting on the surface but no rapper using this would ever be taken seriously (by serious people). I also don’t know (yet) whether any OpenAI models could offer something similar out of the box (conditions apply).

Zoom has updated its ToS to allow training AI on user content without the ability to opt-out. The line that pisses me off is that Zoom has a “perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license” to redistribute, publish, access, use, store, transmit, review, disclose, preserve, extract, modify, reproduce, share, use, display, copy, distribute, translate, transcribe, create derivative works, and process Customer Content. (ᔥ Stackdiary; ↬ Abeba Birhane)

Researchers at NVidia are showing off Perfusion, a text-to-image model they say is 100KB in size and takes four minutes to train. What could possibly go wrong? (ᔥ Hackaday)

Mongabay on breadfruit’s “biodiversatility”: According to recent research, the increased temperatures of climate change will widen breadfruit’s range, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa […] making this a reliable crop for places struggling with poverty and food security.