Charles Leifer on asyncio: I think it’s a terrible design. The main problem, in my point-of-view, is that in order to utilize asyncio’s power, every layer of your stack must be implemented with asyncio in mind.

Arctic Ocean could be ice-free in summer by 2030s, say scientists: You might be asking the question: so what? […] But Arctic sea ice is an important component of the climate system. As it dramatically reduces the amount of sunlight absorbed by the ocean, removing this ice is predicted to further accelerate warming, through a process known as a positive feedback. This, in turn, will make the Greenland ice sheet melt faster, which is already a major contributor to sea level rise.

Behind the mission to preserve Black Twitter: I want for a student, or someone who is just plainly curious, who wants to dig into these histories and this knowledge 50, 75, 100, hell, even five years from now, to be able to access this and say, there is data, there is proof, there’s already a web of knowledge that’s out there about this.

A new paper shines a spotlight on the misuse of intersectionality in 'AI fairness'

The term ‘intersectionality‘ is one of the most misused in sociopolitical sciences thanks to decades of misinterpretation and watering down of its impact. Unfortunately, that has found its way into AI as researchers attempt to improve fairness within the tech. Their intentions may be well-meaning but the impact can be very strong, very harmful, and …