Thoughts on the new $4 Raspberry Pi Pico microcontoller

There have been many entrants into the single-board/microcomputer market but Raspberry Pi remains the popular choice amongst consumers.

This week, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced their new Raspberry Pi Pico microcontoller and at $4, it’s a good price. But rather than rehash the same ideas of what this means for the market and deeper thoughts on the Pi Pico, I’ve compiled a list of articles and reviews.

Thoughts from the internet

Where to buy the Raspberry Pi Pico

You can buy the Pi Pico from the official website as well as Pimoroni

My quick thoughts

I’ve had a few Raspberry Pi’s in my time but never used something like this. If I can find more relatable projects for them, I might take the plunge but for now, it’s another great addition to the Pibrary *ahem*.

RPi related: A mini iMac made using a Raspberry Pi 4, a Raspberry Pi Zero handheld computer, and the hgTerm mini laptop.

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