Tatiana Mac on how privilege defines performance

After seeing Tatiana’s talk at New Adventures in 2020, I went on a binge of their talks and this is one of many I enjoyed.

How Privilege Defines Performance was first given at #PerfMatters 2019 and looks at the way the performance of Web systems and design use privilege:

In theory, web performance, accessibility, and inclusive design all have similar goals: Provide the best, most consistent experience to all people using the minimal amount of resources. In practice, this often falls apart. Product creators define what it means to be performant from where they stand, which is typically from places of privilege with unseen biases, struggling to find true empathy with their users. Through this talk, we’ll examine how to build conscientiously, looking within to resist systematic problems in order to create more truly performant, accessible, and inclusive systems for our users.

Read the slides on slides.com and follow performance.now(); on Twitter.

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