Tatiana Mac on Hacking Digital Style Guides for Accessibility

One of the few highlights of 2020 has been getting to know Tatiana Mac. In fact, I started the year with one of their talks at New Adventures (and it remains the best talk I have ever seen).

In this video, Tatiana discussed the fundamentals of Web accessibility and why it’s so important:

Accessible design is more important than ever, with over 15% of people affected by a disability that changes how they interact with the web. As designers, it is our responsibility to ensure our designs are inclusive and reflect all of our users’ needs.

The 42-minute class focuses on:

  • Why you should care about accessibility
  • How to make a business case for it
  • Different types of disabilities
  • Web standards and resources
  • How to use typography, color, photography and images as part of a more accessible style guide

I implore anyone working with the Web in any capacity to watch this and share what you learn.

Stream the class below.

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