It's A Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Computer!

It’s like a PiDA but way cooler.

Remember Palm Pilots? Those personal digital assistants that you could put all your meetings into. I was way too young to own or even need one before they died out. Then came more sophisticated mobile phones which I wasn’t too young to own or need. And now we have smartphones. The end. Or is it?

Raspberry Pi Zeros are handy little computers and if you have one going spare, you might have wondered what to do with it. We’ve featured a number of Pi projects but this one is pretty cool.

Introducing the SnapOnAir Raspberry Pi Zero PCB. Now, it’s only the board but when fixed with a Pi Zero and all the necessary accessories, the SnapOnAir will provide a “true handheld Linux PC” with a 2.8-inch colour TFT display. Chuck on a handheld keyboard and a buzzer and you’re good to go. Is this what they call neo-futurism?

There’s also room to include a digital microphone as well, and at a price of $10 for the PCB, you’ll have plenty of money to customise your Pi Zero Handheld Computer Palmtop Pro 3000 into whatever you desire. I’d recommend choosing a catchier name than that though.

Head over to Tindie to grab yourself a SnapOnAir Raspberry Pi Zero PCB today!

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