The hgTerm - A Palm-Sized Raspberry Pi Mini Laptop

Finally, someone has made one that looks attractive.

A ton of small single board computers have joined the market since the Raspberry Pi was launched in 2012. Some offer better specs than the Pi while others are capable of multiple OS’s with their own quirks. That hasn’t stopped the Pi from growing and it is currently on its 3rd major version with a fourth due next year.

We’ve covered Raspberry Pi projects a great deal at LOGiCFACE, from ones in Ferrari cassette decks to Pokedexes but this one might be the smallest yet.

Igor Brkić made a high quality Pi laptop called the hgTerm, using a Pimoroni Hyperpixel touchscreen HAT, a Raspberry Pi 3, a mini Bluetooth keyboard, and a lithium-ion battery cell. Pi laptops aren’t anything new but they’ve mostly been fitted into awkward looking shells. The Altoids tin Pi was cool at the time but it looks shit now. This one doesn’t have the same trappings. Everything is enclosed in a 3D-printed clamshell, and it looks neat and tidy in there. The hgTerm screen can swivel past 180 degrees and when closed, it looks like something out of Half Life 2.

If you want to try and make a hgTerm yourself, Igor has written a guide on his website, so go check it out.

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