Vaccines & Why They're So Important

Spoiler alert: I am 100% for vaccinations.

Vaccines are important to the lives and safety of millions if not billions of children around the world. Kurzgesagt made a video about them which was very level and even-handed (more than I could have done). As the video description says:

“Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases…”

Unfortunately, while the outcome is one I agree with and the one everyone should take not of (vaccinate your kids!), the question is frame from the other side, asking how high are the risks of side effects. There are no questions any foreign injection into the human body will come with side effects for someone but because of the topic in question and the words used, it almost comes across as clickbait-y and it isn’t at all.

In a world where people only read headlines and comment before they’ve engaged with the rest of the content (I am guilty of this), this will polarise people before they’ve even watched it. So I think that could have been improved. But overall, the points made were very good and, importantly, it ended on a positive note.

“We can’t hide from what the reality of what anti-vaccine
conspiracies do […] they bring serious diseases back from the verge of extinction. Let’s not bring the beasts back.”

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