The top 11 posts of 2023

Back for a third year, I’ve compiled the top 11 posts published this year (see last year’s if you’re interested and 2021’s edition). I’ve published less this year (117 vs. 156) but life be’s like that sometimes.

Anyway, here is the top 11:

  1. ASH is a real-life Pokédex for kids to identify plants and animals
  2. – a curated list of open source AI tech
  3. The map of engineering
  4. AI might beat people at Pokémon but it doesn’t take much to dethrone it
  5. Matt Parker looks at the maths behind needing just 27 lottery tickets to guarantee a win
  6. SparseGPT is a proposed way to make large language models smaller and maintain accuracy
  7. Vincent Warmerdam on Calmcode, data science, and machine learning
  8. Before ChatGPT and Bard, there was Mindpixel
  9. STOP exploring the Ocean
  10. Google releases TextFX project, ‘AI-powered tools for rappers, writers and wordsmiths’
  11. Jess Peck on the utility of NLP in SEO

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