ProjectFunction creates pathways for marginalised groups in tech

ProjectFunction is a Nottingham-based start-up to help minorities in tech to get into web development and design.

Our aim is simple; we want to provide a platform where ideas, step-by-step tutorials and pointers can be shared by creators, learners and designers, in order to encourage and support minorities in tech. We run courses on Web Development, Web Design, and User experience. Unlike other organisations in this field, our courses are open to anyone with an interest in learning, regardless of their age or gender. We try especially hard to create an environment where minorities in tech feel welcomed, and our courses are designed to be comprehensive and easy to pick up by anyone, regardless of their skill-set.

ProjectFunction offers courses and a learning hub to reinforce what you learn as well as two programmes:

  • AccessForAll: designed to ensure your remote courses remain as accessible as possible
  • After Care: a course for learners who have completed the ProjectFunction bootcamp

Organisations like this are so important now so get involved if you can and I wish PF the best of luck in the future.

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(image courtesy of ProjectFunction)

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