The Raspberry Pi biscuit dipper

I covered the T2, a tea bot that claims to make the perfect brew, a while ago and now there’s a companion robot that can dip a biscuit in it without it breaking.

The Automatic Biscuit Dipper is the creation of Ewan Wills aka TheMysticChicken who made it using a Raspberry Pi and a camera module to grab a biscuit when detected and move it in and out of the cup. But how can it know what a biscuit it? An algorithm that downloaded pictures of biscuits to generate a colour range to help it detect one.

If the biscuit is soaked for too long, it can lose its structural integrity and possibly break off into your tea! TheMysticChicken decided that a Raspberry Pi would be more than suitable for pulling off the perfect dip.

Excerpt from Tom’s Hardware’s article

Stream the making of video below and enjoy your cuppa (if you’re having one).

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(via Tom’s Hardware)

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