SEO Bytes explains search engine optimisation with dogs

If you didn’t already know, I’m an SEO (search engine optimiser but also Severely & Extremely Online) and one of the biggest influences on my career is Ruth Everett.

Ruth is a Technical SEO Analyst for DeepCrawl and the main reason I started learning Python. She also loves dogs and I thought I would pay it forward and tell you about SEO Bytes.

As she explains on the site, SEO Bytes started as a fun way to explain SEO fundamentals during lockdown.

A weird 3am insomnia idea in lockdown combined with a couple of rainy weekends and the site was born. I designed and built the site from scratch using Flask, HTML and CSS. I’m not a designer (clearly) or developer, but I have been learning some new skills and wanted to put them into practice, and so here we are.

Ruth is also a animal charity volunteer and dog lover which, combined, fuelled the idea for the site.

There are currently 6 topics covered on SEO Bytes:

  • Crawling and indexing
  • Site structure
  • On-page SEO
  • User experience
  • Links
  • International SEO

Whether you’re a pupper or an older doggo, you’ll definitely find the site useful.

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