Hero Nation's Gaming Warriors Need Your Help!

Video games get a bad rep in the press but they have helped to develop and educate so many people, crossing social and cultural barriers through the idea of communities. Unfortunately, many of these communities aren’t safe for POCs, LGBTQ people, and those with disabilities.

Jermaine Dickerson of Hero Nation decided this needed to change and has created “an initiative that centres disenfranchised young gamers through the development of a program”.

This is Gaming Warriors.

The “eSports video game scholarship program” will be based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, with the mission to “build an inclusive community of young gamers in Ypsilanti’s underprivileged communities through competitive leagues that cultivate educational and empowering experiences”.

The program will last 16 days and develop social skills in its students so they’re ready to face the ever-changing world. It will also create a safe space for them to learn and grow while enjoying a fun and exciting medium. But with such a wonderful venture, funds are required and so a fundraiser has been launched.

With the $6000 needed, they will go towards:

  • $2800 – Eight Vanguard Black Editions
  • $1700 – Scholarship fund and set-up fee
  • $1500 – Five PlayStation 4 1TB Systems

The fundraiser is being run via GoFundMe so if you would like to contribute, follow the link below and share it out. We wish Jermaine and Hero Nation the best of luck!


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