Happy 25th, Windows 95!

I couldn’t remember Windows 95 like the big tech writers could so I compiled a list of their anecdotes for the operating system’s 25th birthday.

A White man holding two copies of Windows 95 in his hands

What was your first OS? Mine was Windows 95 as it was for many people of my age (unless you were a Mac user maybe) and today it’s 25 years old. The release was a huge media event with Jay Leno announcing it with Bill Gates, the famous awkward stage dancing, and Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry from Friends giving a walkthrough of the OS.

Naturally, the tech blogs are awash with Windows 95 stories and retrospectives so rather than hash my own together with my limited memories, I’ve compiled a list of the best:

Also some other links about Windows 95 you might find interesting including:

And that Windows 95 guide with Rachel and Chandler? You can stream it in full below. Could I be anymore helpful?

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