c-jump: the geekiest board game ever

My board game knowledge stretches as far as classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, chess, etc. My favourite is probably Carcassonne but I’ve never played anything like Dungeons & Dragons which has a reputation for being pretty nerdy.

But I think I’ve found something even nerdier and it’s called c-jump. The educational board game was created by Igor Kholodov to help children learn the basics of programming with languages like C, C++, and Java. c-jump could be played with 2–4 players with the simple object of being the first player to move all their skiiers past the finish line.

That’s right—learning how to code in C++ with a board game involving skiiers. In terms of “the basics”, c-jump featured standard functions likeif-else statements, switches, and variables.

Some facts from the site:

  • This game is not only about teaching and learning: it’s fun and entertainment for the whole family!
  • Skiing and snowboarding is a perfect programming analogy.
  • c-jump game is ideal for home school education.
  • The game is based on the code of a real computer program!

As far as I can see, you can buy the game from the c-jump website for $24.95 within the US and $49.95 everywhere else (which includes shipping).

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