Can you fit your website on a floppy disk?

1.44MiB isn’t a lot in an era of gigabytes and terabytes but that’s the size of a standard floppy disk. But can you fit your favourite website onto one?

The front and back of a floppy disk

Fit on a Floppy checks the filesize of a website to see if it would fit on a 1.44MiB floppy disk. As part of the process, it checks the following criteria on page load:

But rather than just shaming a site, Fit on a Floppy also offers basic ways to reduce page size including tools and resources. Anyone working in SEO like me will find this quite nifty and interesting to see how the most popular sites fare.

And for the record, LOGiCFACE fits snuggly on a floppy (but there’s always room for improvement).

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