Web Design: The Evolution of the Digital World 1990 – Today by Rob Ford

I’ve been heavy on early Web and Internet culture over the last few weeks and this book would be perfect for my studies.

Last year, Taschen published a publication titled Web Design: The Evolution of the Digital World 1990 – Today, written by FWA founder Rob Ford and it looks at some of the most innovative websites in the history of the Internet. We take fast, multi-faceted websites for granted now but back in the day, you’d get sites with surround sound, drag-and-drop navigation, and, of course, Flash sites which dominated the web design landscape in the late 90s and early-to-mid 00s.

You can find the book on Amazon (using the affiliate link above) or you can get it from Taschen directly. Also worth reading Rob Ford’s five landmark sites of the last 30 years.

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