Electric skateboard company Boosted announce layoffs and now looking for a buyer

You might remember I covered an article on electric skateboards a few months ago. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer is riding high.

Boosted started out in 2012 when it created its Boosted Boards, financed by crowdfunding on Kickstarter. From there, it grew from strength to strength and even released a scooter last year. But CEO Jeff Russakow and CTO and co-founder John Ulmen announced that they had to lay off a “significant portion” of the team.

The reason for the decision was attributed to the US-China tariff conflict. It’s sad to see any company fold, especially when their products are clearly loved and used in abundance.

Boosted says their plan now is to “pursue strategic options under new ownership” which they’re looking for. Let’s hope they can get it at lightning speed.

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