Dominic-Madori Davis on the true need for diverse voices in tech reporting

A stunning piece by Dominic-Madori Davis in Neiman Lab about the serious realisation that we need diverse voices in tech reporting. Here’s the opener, which I said was “the best article intro I’ve read all year and probably for a while longer” on Twitter:

Time and time again, it’s the same ol’ story.

A white man has a dream, investors support that dream, propel them to new heights, the press jumps in for the dance, and then either we all ride the rays into the sun or melt from getting too close. There have been so many busts, winters, and bears from these recurring events that it starts to feel like a requirement for the game. If anything, it makes for a good story.

When I started out in business and tech reporting, I realized quickly that there was a lack of intersectionality in coverage. I’m not talking about 2020, when every publication started backtracking to highlight minority communities. I mean that the natural way of business and technology reporting is generalized for the white understanding. Diversity is a separate article, if not separate expertise.

My personal perspective: I need to see more Black people talking about not only Black issues but also Black joy and stuff that doesn’t centre on Black people. Same for writers of colour for their respective cultures and life experiences. Instead, we see white writers covering every topic. We’re tired of it.

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