Consumers SHOCKED That Expensive iPhone Still Breaks

I don’t know what people expected from a device made of plastic and glass but here we are. Videos and tweets have been published showing the fragility of the iPhone X. Apple claimed their iPhone X was “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone”, but SquareTrade put that to the test and it didn’t work out so well. After a few 6ft “drop and tumble tests” they concluded it was “the most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone ever”. Well, colour me surprised! These tests seem redundant; of course, if you drop your phone it’ll break. But the thought is it shouldn’t break so easily. If you’re prepared to pay £1000 on a mobile phone (that figure still blows my mind), you’ll be hoping it can survive a drop without malfunctioning. Water damage used to be the main avoidance for iPhones as many insurance companies didn’t pay out if it went for a swim in your toilet bowl. Now you have to beat the power of gravity in all its 20mph speed.

Or you could get a Nokia.

(via The Guardian)

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