Every Rock Type Pokémon Explained

Rock type Pokémon have the second highest average defence for all 802 Pokémon, behind Steel types. Unfortunately, that’s where the advantages stop.

Rock types are notoriously slow, weak to 5 types (including a double weakness to Fighting with many Ground/Rock dual types like Geodude and Rhyhorn) and due to generally low Special Defense, useless against Water and Grass types. But that doesn’t stop them from looking and being awesome.

Youtuber Lockstin put together a video explaining every Rock type Pokémon in the game. The video acts as an education in geology and their varying origins.

And to go along with the video, here are some cool facts about the type (taken from Bulbapedia):

  • The Rock type is tied with the Grass type for the largest number of weaknesses (excluding dual types), with five.
  • Generation V is the only generation without a Rock-type Gym.
  • Johto’s Olivine Gym was a Rock type Gym before the Steel type was discovered.
  • There are only three special Rock type movies, the fewest of all types.
  • There are only 19 Rock moves in the game.
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