.blue is a search engine trying to restore and preserve the ocean

Every day I check the stats for the site. I don’t obsess over them but I find it interesting to see what people have looked at and how they got there. Most of LOGiCFACE’s traffic comes from organic search and Google provides almost all of it but there was a new name amongst the list. No, not Yahoo! and not Bing (well not quite, I’ll explain in a moment). It was .blue.

I don’t expect you to have heard of .blue because neither had I (and I’m an SEO who spends most of his time on search engines). .blue is a search engine and initiative from Oceans2050. According to the website, the search engine is operated by Gexsi, a B Corp Certified social business, but all the searches are powered by Bing. The purpose of .blue is to restore the ocean to its former glory and every search you make helps by generating revenue for leading ocean restoration organisations.

Our ocean can be built to abundance in one generation. .blue has joined forces with the ocean community to put this mission right at your fingertips. By using our search engine you contribute every day.

Two other non-profits, OCEANA and SeaLegacy, are also partners. OCEANA is notable for having Ted Danson (yep, the guy from Cheers and The Good Place) as a board member and having some questionable policies on responsible fishing and seafood fraud (according to Wikipedia).

So now we have Ecosia for the trees and .blue for the oceans. Which search engine is taking care of the skies, the deserts, and the polar ice caps?

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