Blacker Than Black Times Infinity

Is your podcast subscription list exceptionally monochromatic? Are you suffering from the ill effects of society forcing you to view geek culture through a white lens? We have a cure for that! One weekly dose of Blacker Than Black Times Infinity, will cure both of these maladies!

Hosted by Cthulhu’s Prodigy, Kr0nus, Stitch, Blue and Old Ninja, Blacker Than Black Times Infinity, is a wickedly funny and uncompromisingly black weekly slice of audio goodness. Entertaining and insightful in equal measure; the hosts regularly dissect various facets of geek culture, such as: anime, video games and comic books; with biting humour and at times, negligible amounts of chill.

Blacker Than Black Times Infinity is available in both audio and video form across Youtube, Soundcloud and iTunes.

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