UrAvgConsumer Complete His 19th Massive Tech Unboxing

All that sweet, sweet tech.

One of my favourite YouTube discoveries of 2018 was UrAvgConsumer. Real name Judner Aura, he describes himself as “just your average guy who loves tech and giving his opinions on it.” He has amassed a huge following across all platforms but this isn’t about the numbers.

For his NINETEENTH massive tech unboxing, UAC cracks open an array of boxes full of goodies. It makes me wonder where he puts it all. One commenter made a funny point:

I feel terrible for his wife trying to Christmas shop for him lmao


One of the best things about this video and many others in his collection are the straightforward reviews. There’s no bravado, hyperbole, or favouritism; if you’re looking for a charger, UrAvgConsumer tell you which one he thinks is best.

Be sure to check out his channel and stream his latest unboxing below.

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