Tshepo Dipheko and his chemistry in the kitchen

A South African PhD student called Tshepo Dipheko featured in SciTechDaily a few days ago, discussing his love of chemistry and how it has helped his cooking.

Tshepo fell in love with chemistry at school: he was struck not only by the results of colorful chemical reactions, for example, “Pharaoh’s serpent”, but also by the structure of the periodic table and clear chemical equations. Thanks to chemistry, life was ordered by formulas, elements and reactions.

The passion for order and accurate measurements of powders and liquids has moved smoothly to the kitchen […]

But he claimed he wasn’t an amazing or creative cook, just a methodical one who “prepares everything with his heart” with his measurements “precisely verified in a scientific way”.

Tshepo said he is waiting for work in the chemical industry and postdoctoral research after he graduates. I’ll drink some H²O to that!

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