There's a new unofficial Apple museum in Warsaw

Remember that Lenin museum running on Apple II computers? Well, that unofficial Apple connection in Eastern Europe has spread to Poland (but without Lenin).

The Apple Muzeum Polska opens to the public this month, giving visitors a variety of classic Apple products for everyone from fans to passive observers.

1,600 exhibits related to the history of the development and evolution of Apple products – the most recognizable technological brand – are the resources of the most complete collection in the world, which is located in Poland in our museum. Most of them will be presented in the creative and interactive Apple Museum Poland in the revitalized Norblin Factory complex.

On the area of 320 sq m. visitors will be able to see computers, laptops, accessories, iPods, iPhones, software, peripherals, multimedia carriers with unique Apple materials, posters and memorial gadgets.

We’re talking Apple I’s, Macintosh 128k’s, 20th Anniversary Macintoshes, and iMac G3’s amongst other Apple paraphernalia.

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