The Lembeh Strait and its strange square mile of water

The Lembeh Strait is a strait in Indonesia best known for its unique marine life. Shark Bay Films film a square mile of the strait to showcase its beauty.

It’s like the set of an extreme sci-fi fantasy. The most grotesque of creatures – blind 3 mentre (sic) long worms with bear trap jaws, beings communicating using light signals we cannot replicate, with incredibly engineered bodies and optical abilities from which science is still learning. Hideous miniature monsters that prey mercilessly on anything that strays within their range.

The next and possibly fatal attack can come from anywhere – from an apparently inanimate lump of rock or a gruesome fanged mouth bursting from the black sand. It’s the sea’s strangest square mile…

It’s a dream come true for any underwater photographers or marine biologists.

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