The Digital Lives of Black Women in Britain by Francesca Sobande

An often-overlooked side of the Digital Age is from a Black British female perspective. Francesca Sobande’s new book ‘The Digital Lives of Black Women in Britain’ tells that side of the narrative.

Based on interviews and archival research, this book explores how media is implicated in Black women’s lives in Britain. From accounts of twentieth-century activism and television representations, to experiences of YouTube and Twitter, Sobande’s analysis traverses tensions between digital culture’s communal, counter-cultural and commercial qualities.

The book’s five chapters are:

The good news is two of the chapters are free to read (the links above) but I strongly suggest you buy the hard copy/PDF.

The Digital Lives of Black Women in Britain is available to purchase at Palgrave Macmillan for £24.99 hardback/£19.99 ebook (with 20% Oct discount code: FxNCXTKa7Fx39cX)

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