Some Arbitrary Facts About The Number 280

Twitter is trialling an extension to its character limit for tweets – from 140 to 280. Seeing as they find combatting online abuse and Nazism so arbitrary, here are some meaningless facts about the number 280.

  • 280 is an octagonal number
  • Greek mathematician Pappus geometrically demonstrated the property of the center of gravity in 280AD
  • 280 is an even composite number composed of three prime numbers multiplied together
  • 280 seconds is equal to 4 minutes, 40 seconds so more time than Justin Timberlake and Madonna had to save the world
  • 280 is a Harshad number
  • 280 is a happy number
  • 280 is apparently the number of ways 18 people at a round table can shake hands in a non-crossing way
  • Herophilus, the father of anatomy, died in 280BC
  • The number of Euros (in millions) Cyprus paid backout of their €1bn IMF bailout loan
  • The number of dollars (in millions) the Staglin Family raised for brain health awareness

(thanks to Numbermatics and Wikipedia for the info)

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