How to run Linux on a thermostat

Look, I get it. Entry-level computers and laptops are cheaper than ever but not everyone can afford them. And the Internet of Things (IoT) is still kinda creepy if you ask me. So what’s the halfway solution? How about running Linux on your thermostat?

Coder cz7asm posted a video in 2019 demonstrating the power of Linux booting on a Honeywell thermostat with a healthy range of software including an ASCII version of Star Wars, simple graphics and animation, and anything you can do on a Linux terminal.

The system has the capability to run a web browser and host a web server but cz7asm hadn’t got that far. To get some of this running, he connected to, a simulation of ARPANET/Usenet a la 1985.

Check it out in the video below.

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