Crypto traders keep wanting to touch tungsten cubes for some reason

If making money off memecoins wasn’t enough, now crypto fanatics are getting into something else: tungsten cubes. Why? That’s a good question but apparently, it’s some weird FOMO thing:

The near-ubiquitous affection for the cube in crypto circles has been compared to cult-like behavior, driven largely by a fear of missing out (FOMO) on the next big thing, a sentiment deeply woven in crypto trading.

“Seeing the cubes pop up on my timeline triggered an itch within me,” Torkel Rogstad, a software engineer for the digital finance platform Arcane Crypto, told NBC News. “I understood that this was a surprisingly heavy cube, but pretty soon came to the conclusion that I’d have massive FOMO if I didn’t act on this.”

He received his cube last week, tweeting that the two-week wait “without the intensity of density” was “heart wrenching.”

via NBC News

That doesn’t explain why tungsten cubes are the specific thing of interest. As I wrote a while back, tungsten is a very heavy metal with a density of 19.25 g/cm3, comparable to gold and for a metric ton of the stuff, it’d cost you $30,300 (2018 price) compared to $574,917,094 for gold at the same weight. I’m painting a picture here. The cultish “physical sensation” thing is very weird though.

(h/t Cass)

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