Play Your Cards Byte With The 8Bit Deck

Michael B. Myers Jr.’s 8Bit Deck is fun for all the family.

The 8Bit Deck

Michael B. Myers Jr.’s 8Bit Deck is fun for all the family.

I’ve been wanting this deck for a long time.

The 8Bit Deck is the creation of designer and illustrator Michael B. Myers Jr. aka drawsgood. The beautifully-designed playing card deck is made with a palette from the Pico-8.

How the 8Bit Deck was made

Every card was reinterpreted into pixel art using a program called Aseprite and Myers Jr used the Pico-8 font on each card. To ensure quality, the cards were manufactured by the USPCC (United States Playing Card Company) and come in a silver-embossed box.

Despite the 8-bit style, the cards have a lot of character and the palette is lovely. Think NES meets Casino Royale. The kings and queens look as regal as ever and the Joker cards manage to retain a classic design without falling foul to the technological limitations of sprites.

How much does it cost?

The 8Bit Deck costs $15 (exc. shipping) and it’s available worldwide. If you fancy a game of Solitaire or even poker, you’re sure to savour the draw of your pixelated cards with this deck.

Fancy a pack? Head to the site and buy one now.

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