Play Your Cards Byte With The 8Bit Deck

I’ve been wanting this deck for a long time.

The 8Bit Deck is the creation of designer and illustrator Michael B. Myers Jr. aka drawsgood. The beautifully-designed playing card deck is made with a palette from the Pico-8.

How the 8Bit Deck was made

Every card was reinterpreted into pixel art using a program called Aseprite and Myers Jr used the Pico-8 font on each card. To ensure quality, the cards were manufactured by the USPCC (United States Playing Card Company) and come in a silver-embossed box.

Despite the 8-bit style, the cards have a lot of character and the palette is lovely. Think NES meets Casino Royale. The kings and queens look as regal as ever and the Joker cards manage to retain a classic design without falling foul to the technological limitations of sprites.

How much does it cost?

The 8Bit Deck costs $15 (exc. shipping) and it’s available worldwide. If you fancy a game of Solitaire or even poker, you’re sure to savour the draw of your pixelated cards with this deck.

Fancy a pack? Head to the site and buy one now.

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