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1MB – the service offering free web hosting

As long as your site is 1MB or less in size.

(This is not a sponsored post.)

I can still remember learning about web design on Frontpage Express back in 2001. Things were still primitive back then, even after the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. Flash was the latest craze but simple websites (now called brutalist websites) still reigned supreme.

The good thing about non-Flash websites was their small size. Internet speeds were slow in today’s terms so larger websites took longer to load and used up more data. Now most people in Europe and the US use broadband and superfast speeds are literally that. That means bigger websites can get to users quicker. But not for everybody. Internet is still expensive in Africa and the Caribbean and bigger websites eat up data like no one’s business.

1MB might be a nifty solution for that. They’re a free website host “designed to make web development feel more approachable”. But there’s a catch: your site has to be 1MB or less in size to use the free service. Most web pages go over that.

With 1MB, you can host HTML, CSS, and JS. The service comes with a browser-based code editor with templates and live previews. It’s a quick service to get you onto the web.

Other features include:

  • Free custom domains and SSL certificates
  • SQL-less databases
  • Command line and API deployment

But if you don’t see yourself squeezing your site into a 1MB box, there is a Pro version offering 5GB of storage, up to 50 sites, image hosting, and instant apps.

We’ve profiled the disparity of race and gender in tech as well as programs for black coders; there is a need for more accessibility to web development so people can learn the basics and get sites online. 1MB is also a lesson in web brevity – how much can you do with a small amount of data? It’s a great lesson in stripping away superfluous code and leaving the fundamentals.

If 1MB sounds like the right host for you, register today!

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