Which is your favourite variable naming conventions?

acab.dad on Bluesky posted this and I thought it was cool since I wasn’t aware of all the variable name conventions:

Fun software developer capitalization/casing terms:

  • PascalCase
  • camelCase
  • snake_case
  • kebab-case

In terms of the names, PascalCase derives from the Pascal programming language; camelCase refers to the second word being capitalised which kinda looks like a camel’s hum; snake case refers to the underscore separator giving a variable a snake-like appearance; and kebab-case uses a hyphen to “skewer” each word, like a kebab.

There are some other naming conventions including flatcase (no capitalisation), uppercase or SCREAMINGCASE, SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE, and combos like camel_Snake_Case and SCREAMING-KEBAB-CASE.

I’ve used all four of the quotes cases at some point in my life, both in code and music when naming tracks. Which is your favourite?

(posted with permission from acab.dad on Bluesky)

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