'What is a City Pigeon?': a cool comic by Rosemary Mosco about pigeons

A comic titled "What is a City Pigeon? By Rosemary Mosco." There's a small pigeon shouting through a megaphone. Panel 1: A banner says "It's a Dinosaur. Like all birds, pigeons descended from dinos." A pigeon roars "coooo" over the silhouette of a dinosaur yelling RARR. Panel 2: The banner says "It's a Dove. A city pigeon or Rock Dove is a member of the pigeon and dove family." A pigeon stands in glorious rays of sparkling light, with a halo over its head. Panel 3: The banner says "It's a Domestic Animal. Pigeons were domesticated millennia ago for meat and fertilizer (poop)." A cow stands in a farmer's field, saying "moo." A pigeon looks up at it and says "coo." Both have just pooped. Panel 4: The banner says "It's a Purebred Pet. Like dogs & cats, pigeons come in fancy breeds." There are three fancy pigeons: A Birmingham Roller, with rusty feathers and splotches of white. A Fantail, with its head pushed back and a huge fanned out tail. A Saxon Fairy Swallow, with a crest and huge fan
© Rosemary Mosco, all rights reserved

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