A Web chronicle of tech killed by the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft

Killed by tech is an open source “graveyard in memorial” of hardware, software, and other products killed by the likes of Nintendo, Apple, Google, Microsoft and others. The timeline starts in 1996 with iconic products including Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, Microsoft Anti-Virus for Windows, 3D Movie Maker, and, the best of them all, Microsoft Bob. Soon to die in 2022 and 2023, we have YouTube Originals, Google OnHub, YouTube Go, Google Universal Analytics, and Google Currents (Google+’s business successor). Google knows how to create and kill their projects!

If this site tells me anything, it’s just how disposable their ideas and products are. Some of them lasted a year (Virtual Boy) while others lasted longer and were retired for reasons unknown. Don’t solely rely on third-party services to handle your data needs!

I wonder how many of these products featured on Gizmodo’s list of ‘Google’s Most Embarrassing Product Failures’.

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