This Word Does Not Exist makes up words with AI

What do the following words have in common?

  • conbola
  • peltash
  • pennacles

They’re all made up, thanks to This Word Does Not Exist, an AI model that invents words based on the English language.

What is This Word Does Not Exist?

This Word Does Not Exist was created by Thomas Dimson using an AI text transformer called GPT-2. The model uses machine learning and 1.5 billion parameters, trained on a dataset based on 8 million web pages. Its primary goal is to predict the next word in a generator but in the case of This Word Does Not Exist, a variant of GPT-2 is trained to invent words and definitions from scratch.

Think of it as a modern age Chaucer or Shakespeare. Check out the TWDNE GitHub for all the code and documentation to try out with your coding language of choice, including Python.

You can also find a demo on Twitter under @robo_define and buy Dimson a coffee.

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