Interesting Engineering on the Veluwemeer Aqueduct

One of my favourite pieces of engineering is the Veluwemeer Aqueduct located over Veluwemeer lake in Harderwijk, Netherlands. It opened in 2002 and bypasses the N302 road, connecting mainland Netherlands with Flevoland, the largest artificial island in the world.

When most people think of roads and water, they think of bridges that go over water. But what makes the Veluwemeer Aqueduct so awesome is that the water goes over the road. Every time I see a photo, it looks like an optical illusion but it’s simply incredible engineering.

Unlike drawbridges or other roadway structures, the water bridge design allows for constant traffic flow both on the road and over the aqueduct.

For most of the span of the N302 road across the lake, the road is raised above the waterline by a stretch of artificial embankments, but for the short, 55.7 feet (17 m) span on the aqueduct, the road plunges, briefly, underneath the lake’s surface. 

Interestingly, around 1,3212 feet (400 m) NW of the aqueduct, the N302 crosses the lake once again on a more traditional bridge structure.

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You can read the full piece on Interesting Engineering’s website.

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