The top 11 posts of 2022

Back for a second year, I’ve compiled the top 11 posts published in 2022 (see last year’s if you’re interested). I’ve published more this year but only by a dozen (156 vs. 144).

Anyway, here are my top 11:

  1. Christopher Jackson’s fight against racism in UK universities
  2. How to build your own Zelda-style game in Python
  3. A MiniDisc Player can now support full data transfer thanks to this hack
  4. The Raspberry Pi water gun
  5. The Raspberry Pi as a tool for biological sciences
  6. Quantum computing with an Arduino?
  7. The Anom and ArcaneOS: built by the FBI to catch criminals
  8. The LockPickingLawyer actually recommended a lock!
  9. Steve Kobes on the life of a pixel
  10. Woah, someone cracked the Apple Pippin!
  11. Wordle from a maths perspective

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