The Ergast Developer API: an API of historical F1 data

For the F1 tech nerds out there, this might be of interest. The Ergast Developer API is a non-commercial service containing over 70 years of Formula One data including:

  • Season Lists
  • Race Schedules
  • Race Results
  • Qualifying Results
  • Standings
  • Driver Information
  • Constructor Information
  • Circuit Information
  • Finishing Statuses
  • Lap Times
  • Pit Stops

I love APIs like this but the possibilities are so broad, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Hopefully, someone reading this has ideas and can make awesome apps and scripts with this bounty of Formula One data. I think one of the most intriguing things to analyse would be how pit stop times have decreased over the years. I still remember when they were 20 seconds long!

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