on the crappiness of smart TVs

I found on Bluesky and, being the web forager I am, I explored his site and found this gem on how smart TVs kinda suck:

Why is it so hard to find a smart TV with good UX? LG’s WebOS is a frustrating mess, Samsung’s Tizen isn’t android-based, making it pretty much useless for smart TV stuff, Amazon’s FireOS is so inexplicably slow that it’s unusable, Roku is a walled garden that shoves ads in your face on a TV that you paid full price for. All of them except Roku don’t even have a place where you can combine all your streaming services into one browsing experience. Even my PlayStation has that.

Soap. (2023, November 7). Smart TVs kinda suck. (shared via CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Deed licence)

I have two smart TVs in my house. The one in my bedroom isn’t hooked up to the internet so it’s just a TV but works just as well as it did when my parents bought it in 2012. My main one sucks. It’s a Hisense 43A6KTUK because of the OS being so sluggish, and turning itself off randomly and being unresponsive, I hate it and wish I’d bought something else. Where’s the smartness in that?

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