Silly is a Python library for producing silly test data

How many times have you needed some dummy data to test a Python script? Well, Silly could be the best library for you if you need fake data with a touch of whimsy, including fake things, names, dates, addresses, and text. Here are some examples via the GitHub repository:

Generating Contact Information

name =
print("my name is {}".format(name))
# my name is colonel beefheart

print("you should not contact me at {}".format(
# you should not contact me at

Capitalization and Slugification

# this works on everything that it would make sense for it to work on
#   for everything else it should fail silently
#       like me
# Colonel Travis Coffeesecrets
# carol-kittenmatt

Generating Dates and Times

year, month, day = silly.datetime().year, silly.datetime().month, silly.datetime().day
# 1983, 12, 28

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