Reliving the days of dial-up internet via Windows 98


Nostalgia is a curious thing. We crave the olden days, back when we were children and had no responsibilities and things were so much cheaper. But we forget how much slower and unadvanced technology was (in comparison to now). Gough Lui made a video of him using a dial-up modem to access the internet via a Windows 98 PC. It brought back a lot of childhood memories to watch, particularly with the Windows 98 desktop and all those wonderful icons. But let’s not forget how bad dial-up internet was.

Even with hindsight, it was super slow and that iconic noise didn’t feel so iconic late a night when you wanted to surf the Web in stealth mode while your parents were asleep (I never had that personal experience but I know millions of others did). It is worth noting that many people still have dial-up speeds or no internet access at all which may put our current experiences and this video into some perspective.

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