Redditors on tech inventions that were ahead of their time

ScreenRant compiled a list of 10 “ahead of their time” tech inventions, based on Redditor comments in various threads. Here’s the entry for the SEGA Dreamcast:

Sega Dreamcast

For gamers, the short lifespan of the Sega Dreamcast continues to haunt their nightmares. Redditor Calamity_Payne earned 3.4K upvotes for stating that Dreamcast was far ahead of its time, with MerlinTrismegistus earning another 1.5K for explaining why, which is supported by at least 45 responders.

Here’s what MerlinTrismegistus said:

poor Dreamcast, internet connectivity, original fun games, portable gaming memory sticks.. a class act. Interested to see if they finally get around to finishing the Shenmue saga.

The humble fax machine also got a mention:

Fax Machine

Although it’s obsolete by today’s standards and was most popular in the 1980s, OnlyOnAskReddit and w_wilder24 claim the fax machine was well ahead of its time on two different threads. Several historical links are provided by the Redditors, which confirm that the facsimile device was created in 1846 by Scottish inventor Alexander Bain.

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